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The Benefits Of Choir Music

Whether the person is a professional singer or unskilled, old or young, when people come together to sing, it bring in happiness and joy. There are around 28,000 choirs that are conducted in schools, churches and communities all over the country. According to the research that was conducted by Advocacy Group of Choral Canada it was found that currently 3.5 million Canadians contribute their voices to choir groups.

Hussein Janmohamed, holding a P.H.D in choral singing shared his choir experience with CBC’s Kathryn Marlow. He stated that when he is singing in a choir, he feels complete as it gives him a feeling of peace, unity and a sense of belonging. Daniel Levitin, a psychology professor at McGill University and the writer of the book “This is your brain on music” holds a perception that music is not only good for the inner soul but also good for our external body as well.

Choirs render RELAXING MUSIC to the people. When people sing together it leads to healthy changes in their minds and also gives them a feeling of understanding. Levitin stated that group singing is an indispensable human feature. Marlow quoted that “Even today when you visit any hunter-gatherer societies and pre-industrial tribes we can find people singing and dancing”.

This communal approach has however changed in recent times because of the Western influences. Levitin told Marlow that people who come in to watch these choir performances are forced to sit idle. In other words, they were not allowed to cheer. Nowadays singing has become an act were specialists display their talent, while people watch them perform. It has become an individual act instead of a communal one. It no longer allows people to show case their talents.

Levitin reflects that it is always a shame when people say that they don’t know to sing as it is against the traditional culture. When we are engaged in choir singing our brains discharge oxytocin. When people sing together it gives them a social bonding and a feeling of love and friendship. In general, choir singing strengthens the cooperation among people. Involving yourself in performing at choirs not only creates a connection with others, but also changes your mind set. “If we are having a bad day or mental health day, music heals the soul”, says singer Alexis Hillyard of Kokopelli Choir Association.

Experts who have carried out many researchers have advised that choir music changes the neurochemistry in a human body. If a person enjoys singing with the other people, the brain assures an increase in the two powerful neurotransmitters namely serotonin and dopamine. Dopamine triggers the brain’s pleasure centre of our body and serotonin removes depression. The power of engaging ourselves in music will give a feeling of peace and harmony. We can always listen to a choir singing for a couple of hours or less. Choir singing revives the soul and creates a huge impact on the listener. We should not always be choosy about what we want to listen or sing. We should always come forward, enjoy ourselves and sing our hearts out shedding out our inhibitions.

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