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Musical Benefits

Why Do Spa Centres Play Music – Do They Have Healing Effect?

Spa and Massage Therapy With Music At Its Core

When you flip through the history book of music therapy, you realise that is has been studied off and on for decades. It has been tested on easing stress and relieving anxiety many, many times. Therefore, it is but apparent that music also used in spa and massage therapy. While the skill and talent of a massage therapist can ease the tension out of every knotted muscle, soothing music can enhance the effect.

Today we dive into research that proves the viability of music therapy, how music impacts spas, and what type of music is best suited for them.Here – – you may check more info about health benefits of music while massage.

A study conducted in Paris by neurological experts found that music aids in chronic pain reduction. The research was done on almost 90 patients who suffered from ailments like:

• lumbar pain
• inflammatory diseases
• fibromyalgia
• neurological diseases

The test subjects were divided into two groups. One group was given music therapy and the other not. After the study, it was clear that those who received music as a therapy showed a noticeable decrease in pain. They also did not have:

• as much anxiety
• as much depression
• as many anxiolytic medicines

How Does Music Impact A Spa Therapy?

The answer to does music heal during a massage therapy is answered through the study. The question now is how does it help. For that, we pick up an everyday example. We know that the sound of rustling leaves is soothing. It is why people love to walk through woods and forests. We know that the sound of a plane taking off is jarring. It is why we tend to cover our ears. These instances show that the right music can create a state of relaxation.

They build an environment which aids in the healing of mind, body and soul and relief of muscular tension. The basis of most music and sounds used in spas is vibrational medicine. The concept says that the various organs and systems of a body vibrate at varying frequencies. When these natural frequencies are disturbed or out of tune, it causes distress, health concerns, and even illnesses. The overall wellbeing of a person is impacted.

By using the right sounds, music, rhythm, and tones in a massage centre, the body is motivated to achieve its natural frequency, and that is how music heals during a massage therapy! But just because music helps in aligning the body to its natural state doesn’t mean that all music is supportive.

What Music Is Best Suited For Massages And Spas?

It is easy to notice that the best spas utilise instrumental music to unwind the stressed muscles of a client. The reason is that instruments create sounds that lull patrons into feeling serene. Therefore, the best music for a spa Image of A Woman Taken Calm Music Therapy in a Massage Centercentre would be:

• Beats of a sitar.
• Tones of the simsimiyya, an instrument from the Middle East and Egypt that looks like a plucked lyre.
• Oriental sounds created by the pipa, gaohu, paixiao, or guzheng, all instruments played in China.

These are all stringed instruments that reverberate sound in harmonic tempos which are particularly helpful in making a soothing environ. Besides these, some other sounds are ideally fit for spa and massage therapy:

• the music of waves crashing on a shore
• the rustle of leaves in the wind
• the chirping of birds
• the sound of flowing water

All these natural sounds create a calming and comforting atmosphere.

Spas are now investing in a new technique- the total absence of all sounds. Complete silence is a luxury that only a few souls can afford. The best spas centres are offering therapies that create a cone of silence to restore the inner peace of the client. The utter absence of any sound makes contemplation possible, which helps release anxiety, stress, and other burdening thoughts. So, when music and sounds fail, why not try this new technique?

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