Professional Event Planners Plan The Launch Of Sound Studio

Good Medicine Blue Music Band started off on a musical note by throwing open to the public their new music studio. The grand opening saw the presence of noted artists and music stalwarts share space at the event. Prominent artists Miley Cyrus and “Shape Of You” singer Ed Sheeran, were among the several music artists present.

The music studio boasts of state-of-the-art facilities for recording sound and audio production of musical and other sounds. This large building has sufficient space to host an orchestra of 100 musicians or a small team of ten singers. This huge launch aims to coach musically inclined students in the field of music production, training them to be successful foley recordists and audio engineers.

The Music Recording Studio intends to create awareness about music and brings together professionals from the field of Hip-Hop, Country music, Jazz, Rock music, and Orchestra. Powered by the leading software and computer providers, the recording studio boasts of several recording rooms connected to a central recording area. Students can individually pick up the skills of real time mixing and recording of sound.

Our recording studio consists of a live room where musical instruments are practiced; an isolation or a vocal booth that are sound-insulated; a large control room where sound engineers and music producers record the sound and play them back. Each of these individual rooms has been designed according to the acoustic of music. In a way, the efficient sound-proofing prevents outside noises from entering the room.

Music To Your Ears

This is definitely a chartbuster to individuals with a penchant and flair for music. Our recording studio is furnished with a professional mixing console, variety of pre amplifiers and microphones with stands, power amplifier, computer, music workstation, speakers, music stands and soundproof rooms.

Recording artists and learners can make use of our keyboard instrument, vintage guitar, ethnic drums, electric piano, Grand piano, Hammond organ and other types of unusual instruments that you might want to use to create a different sound. Each of the studios has disc based music recording system with digital mixdown features.

Interested students can make use of the vintage gear and create music of their own. In addition to this, there is a Yamaha mixing console that serves as the focal point for all types of digital and analog signals. There is sufficient space for instrumental rehearsal as well as USB interfaces for connecting laptops.

Adding A Success Story With The Best Event Management Companies

The inauguration ceremony was planned and organized by the best corporate event organizer Kiyoh. Right from sending invitations to our guests to arranging the stage and ushering the dignitaries, KIYOH played a major role in making this event a phenomenal success. The ceremony was marked by the august presence of music composers and various church choirs who expressed their happiness for our latest launch.

The event planners were pivotal in making the stage arrangements in tandem with the theme of the occasion- “Celebrating music.” Alessia Cara mesmerized the audience with a soulful rendition of the popular track I’m Yours while teenage sensation Maroon 5 crooned to the song Sugar and Love Somebody, creating a crescendo of excitement and cheer amidst the guests.

The Migos team lauded the studio’s effort in bridging the gap between talents and needs. They ended their motivational talk with a small thank you note to the event organizers who had gone an extra mile in ensuring everything looked perfect.The psychedelic display of lights and the enigmatic voices of the artists singing their favorite chartbuster, together with the energetic pulse of the audience will be remembered in a long time to come.

The evening saw some pulsating and lilting tunes churned out by the famous DJ Khaled, who just had one word to describe the entire set-up, awesome.

Professional Event Organizers Crusade Studio’s Star-Studded Evening

Good Medicine Blue Music band provides the perfect ambiance to hone skills like editing, dubbing, recording in the studio and live environment. Students can make use of the array of musical instruments and practice on the latest equipment that is used by professionals worldwide.

The music studio is open to the general public and thanks to our official event planner for the dedication and methodological approach in arranging the event. Our strong presence on the social media was enabled only through their insightful inputs and ideas.

Musical Extravaganza And An Ode To Music

It is often said that when words fail, music speaks. The recently concluded musical concert by Good Medicine Music was the talk of the town. The theme ‘Celebrating Music’ was in perfect sync with the outfit of the models and the background score that resonated in the air. The event started off with a devotional song, followed by the lighting of the lamp. A musical tribute was paid to the King of Hip Hop, Michael Jackson and popular scores of the music maestro AR.Rahman was played during the concert.

Apart from the lilting music that lifted the mood of the audience, the attraction was the eight rounds that talked about the different genres of music.

Jazz Music
This music genre has its roots the Afro-American communities of the US. The entire audience were in rapt attention as the band crooned to the tune of In The Mood by Glenn Miller and My Funny Valentine by Chet Baker. The stage soon turned into a Musical Broadway, with the mellifluous tone of the saxophone and the high pitch of the musical instrument. Different forms like Acid Jazz, Continental Jazz and Afro Cuban Jazz were played.

The last segment of this round was a tribute to Paul Whiteman, who is referred to as the King of Jazz.

Hip Hop
If you have grown up listening to Rolling Stones and Eminem, the second round was a treat to the audience in terms of music and songs. Another striking feature is the makeup and hairstyle that the band members sported. In tune with the Hip Hop theme, the members walked on the stage with baggy pants and sang the popular That’s What I Likeby Bruno Mars and Redbone by Childish Gambino.

Classical Music
This round saw the culmination of tracks by Bhimsen Joshi, M.S. Subbulakshmi, Girija Devi and Mohammed Rafi. The atmosphere had a heavy air of patriotism as the songs matched the ragas and beats of the musical instruments. The sitar and the veena were played alongside which indeed left a lasting impression in everyone’s ears and mind.
It was striking to see the audience sing along with our band members, while a section of the crowd shouted encore.

Pop Music
This form of music originated in the United States and the word Pop is often interchangeably used with popular music. This round saw eclectic sounds derived from styles like urban, dance and country music. Songs from Beatles, Rolling Stones, ABBA were sung while the youngsters grooved to the music.
With a guitar in one hand and the microphone in the other, the scene reverberated the late 1960s, which saw most of the listeners chanting these songs.

Country Music
This form of music is associated with ballads and dance steps in simple forms. The members walked on the stage carrying banjos, acoustic guitars, dobros, fiddles and the harmonicas. The icing on the cake was the song. It Ain’t My Fault by Brothers Osborne and Wagin Wheel by Darius Rucker. From hip shaking music to foot-tapping scores, each of the different genres of music made the audience -that comprised mainly youngsters- fall in love with music. Every clap was accompanied by a deafening cheer that ended with an encore from the jubilant crowd.

Instrumental Music
Heard about this joke? An E-flat, G-flat and a B-flat walk into a café and the steward says they don’t serve minors there. If this has struck a chord with you, and if you feel they are the key to your humor, you are truly a music fanatic. This round included soulful music from instruments like the piano, violin and the saxophone. The air was filled with the melodious tunes of yesteryear songs.

Drive Away The Blues With The Country’s Best Music
Music has no boundaries, and at the Good Medicine Music concert, the last two rounds saw a delightful mix of Sufi songs and Ghazals. This invoked memories of Rabbi Shergill and Abida Parveen who are synonymous with the two music forms respectively.

The final segment was the icing sans the cherry. The country’s greatest singers, Lataji and Asha Bhonsle were immortalized through their songs. The musical team kept the audience waiting for this round, while they lifted up their musical instruments and paid a musical reverence to the Golden Voice of India.

Makeup Artists Blend Fashion Into Music

It was a Red Letter Day in the history of music and style as the makeup artist from Skulpt, Chennai turned official style partners for our musical band. By incorporating the latest fads and techniques, they turned this musical event into a grand success.

Never mind if you didn’t get the joke about the minors. It won’t land you in treble, err trouble anyway.

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Creativity At Its Best- Read This Update On Our New Studio!

Creativity is our motto, and we do not believe in restricting it to just our songs. Our new studio aims at being unique, just like music. Through this blog post, we are sharing with you a few glimpses of our dream studio!

Music-themed Design
A question- If music was visible, how would it look like? This question formed the basis of the theme that we had in our minds. We conveyed the same to a few of the professionals, who are experts in the field of construction and designing. The studio had to personify music. It had to be a place where quality was never compromised. Also, it had to have all the tech that would go in making best-selling albums!

Once we gave these criteria, we waited for the result. And, safe to say, our dream project has been successfully completed. Our studio exteriors and surroundings look so unique and stunningly beautiful! The materials, the colours used, are all perfect, and they give the building an extraordinary look.

The studio might not be a huge one, but there is enough space for each and every requirement for quality recording and practising. The available space is utilised in the best possible manner without wasting any space unnecessarily.

Facilities available inside
The facilities consist of a large control room, production suite, live area and a vocal booth. The interiors are done in White Oak.

The control room consists of a customised workstation with windows opening to an awesomely created garden outside. This room is the hub for all the infrastructure connectivity. The lighting used is LED and the air conditioners used are low noise ones so that they do not cause disturbances while recording. This room includes space for comfortable seating.

The live room is entirely isolated from the rest of the building which results in great sound. This room is large enough for four musicians. Both the vocal booth and live room is visually linked to the control room. A separate room with customised furniture is used for programming and editing works which are done offline. The wall panels are made of acoustic materials to enable quality single voice or instrument recording.

The way in which the music boxes are set up in the production room is inspiring for the team. The flooring material used is a low resonant one to ensure quality recording.

Our dream comes true!
Overall, the studio provides an excellent ambience for our team to work. For us, it is not just a workspace but the place where our dreams are allowed to take wings. The overall design has done complete justice to this. Thanks to the ‘Studio People’ and ‘Spire Designs’ for giving us construction and design ideas. We cannot end this article without mentioning designing firms, like Clouds Interiors, Arqen Acoustics, and so on who helped us visualise our project. They provided us valuable inputs without which our dream project could not be successfully completed.
The Future?
Our new studio and we, are all set to give you wonderful music treats. Our next project is a big one with a lot of elements to entertain you. It includes some of the latest songs featured on and much more. So, stay tuned for it!!

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