A Teenage Boy Hearing Music While Preparing For Competitive Exams.
Musical Benefits

Effect Of Music On A Stressed Mind

Listening To Music

Music has been here since humans started to live on this planet. Humans were first introduced to the tune of bird songs that unknowingly brought unlimited happiness and solace to their stress-filled hearts. With advanced technology, music has now reached higher levels that enable people to access music at any time of the day. Research studies conducted earlier have also proved that music has the power to improve our physical and mental health. Candidates enrolled at an All India Civil Service Coaching Center face the maximum stress during their preparation for civil service examinations.

We all know when our body feels the stress, cortisone and cortisol are released more than the average level. In a person who is attending a music concert, these hormones are seen to be reduced significantly. There is a difference between listening to music alone and listening to music in a social gathering at a music concert. Attending a musical concert conducted on a stage or an auditorium in person introduces a stressed person to a group who have a similar liking for music and also players who sing or play musical instruments present there in real. Watching or listening to music concerts online may bring those players virtually before the listener. But it will not provide the excitement of being present at a live music concert.

Visual Representing The Benefits Of Hearing Music For The Brain.

Effects Of Music On Health

Watching an excellent live performance of your favourite music artist is an appealing moment that can effectively bring your stress level down to a great extent. The interaction that happens at a live music concert between the listener and the performer may not be visible to the naked eye, but the charm of music can reach deep into the heart of the listener. The positive vibration that happens between the giver and the receiver here wipes away the unwanted feelings of stress or confusion and let the person feel relieved both mentally and physically.

Research studies have proved that listening to music can be the ultimate choice to reduce the stress level in individuals. In addition to this, listening to music together in a social set up will have additional benefits. Live music concerts can decrease blood pressure, heartbeat rate and also can reduce the level of hormones that induced the stress. Even the soft music that is played at an All India Civil Service Coaching Center during mock exams can help the candidates to answer in peace without much anxiety and fear of not completing the exam on time.

Understanding The Effect Of Live Concert

A Lead Vocalist Performing On The Grand Musical Stage Infront Of The Mass Crowd.

Candidates who are strenuously preparing for their civil service exams are always advised by their trainers to take a break and relax for a while. In addition to dance and yoga, going and attending a live music concert can also help them to relax both mentally and physically. Live music concerts have the benefit of reducing the level of stress hormones, primarily cortisol. Cortisone and cortisol are the main stress hormones that are produced more when a person is under physical or mental stress. Cortisol is required to make us feel alert. But, an increased level of this hormone can trigger heart diseases, diabetes, and impotence.

Check Out – Attending a live music concert is just like going on a vacation to relax our minds to bring back the lost energy. Being physically present at a live music concert, at least for two to three hours will bring a positive impact on our mental health. Annual cultural festivals that are conducted around the world give importance mainly to music and dance. A social gathering where people come together for a common cause will strengthen the spirits of people who gather there and help them to do the best.

Research studies, to find the effects of listening to music that is conducted in a lab environment may have some limitations. The results may not be the same. But, research studies conducted in a real-life setting at a music concert may show the real effect of music on mental and physical health. It can also help to reduce the stress level in candidates who prepare for their civil service exams at an All India civil service exam centre.

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