Welcome to goodmedicinemusic.com, where we firmly believe that good music is like medicine for the soul. Many studies have revealed that music has a soothing effect on people and any living things. There are even mythological stories where music was used to soothe monsters. We at goodmedicinemusic.com are here to offer you the latest news and information about the instrumental music scene, choir music and music in general.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music is often referred to any musical recording or composition without lyrics. This kind of music is usually created with the help of one or several musical instruments. They are performed either by a single instrumentalist or a duo or a trio or even concert band or an orchestra. The possibilities are endless. Commercial music often offers instrumental tracks to their listeners as a remix version or the original composition without the accompanying vocals. A genre that offers plenty of instrumental music is the blues. Most blues band artists use popular songs without their vocal overlay.

Choir Music

A choir is a group of singers who perform together as a group. They usually choose something from the classical music to perform to. Choirs are usually led by a conductor. Most choirs are affiliated with a church. Choir music can either be accompanied by instruments or not. There are plenty of chorus groups that are not affiliated with any church who perform choir music. Some groups also perform original compositions. Our website introduces to several different groups which will have you nodding your head along in tune in no time at all.

Rock Music

Rock music is a particular genre of popular music that originated in the early fifties.  It was heavily influenced by blues as well as rhythm and blues genres. Interestingly, several genres have made a strong impact on rock music. Rock is usually song based music, but the genre has become very divers in the past few decades. Rock music addresses several themes ranging from romance, love, to social or political themes.

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