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Anderson Diagnostics Explains The Value Of Music Therapy In Cancer

Music connects us to our emotions. It also helps us disconnect with them. Rhythms also link people socially. So, it should be no surprise that music has been used as therapy for cancer patients, effectively, for donkey’s years. Its use as a therapeutic tool is not new. There is evidence that it was part of medicine even in an era long gone by now. But when it comes to modern health practices, the formal utilisation of music in therapy started in 1950. Today, it has been integrated as a medicinal program in many national cancer centres around the world.

Anderson Diagnostics explains the reason why music therapy is so helpful when applied with conventional modes of treating cancer in this article with a closing tip for caregivers of cancer patients.

The Benefits Of Music Therapy To Cancer Patients

Benefits of Music Therapy Over Cancer PatientsSeveral studies have demonstrated that pain is reduced with music therapy. The impact was studied on lung cancer patients who underwent surgery. The result proved that not only these patients felt less pain but also required less pain medication later on. Considering the adverse effects of pain control meds, this is a crucial advantage for cancer patients.

When it comes to anxiety and overall mood, the research is conclusive. Music therapy significantly impacts both and to a very high degree. People who utilise music as a therapeutic tool are better able to cope with the illness. The best part is that music works when it is listened to at home or as part of the treatment. There have been a few reviews that even connect reducing of depression due to cancer with music therapy!

The sensation of shortness of breath is common in cancer patients. Music therapy even works wonders on it. Listening to any music decreases the feeling of unable to breathe. These were just some of the benefits of music for cancer patients. There is overwhelming evidence that it offers a holistic improvement to the quality of life.

Physical Paybacks Of Music Therapy In Cancer Treatment

While there have not been many studies into the physical effects of music on cancer patients, there have been some, and each one of them is motivating. A lower heart rate, blood pressure, and respiratory rate are the most visible effects seen in cancer patients who undergo music therapy. A development in vital signs is one of the merits of music; the other is an increase in natural killer cells.

When patients undergo music therapy, it has been noted that not only does the number of NKC increases but also their activity. This is of crucial importance because natural killer cells are the segment of the immune system thatPhysical Paybacks Of Music Therapy works on fighting cancer cells.

To sum it up, music therapy can help people who have cancer with:

• Pain reduction and comfort management
• Better mood and diminished stress
• Communicating sadness, anxiety, fear and any other feeling
• Coping mechanism
• Pain management
• Overall quality of life

It is a fact universally known that music largely influences all of us. It can relieve the stress of the day and make us smile. It can melt the hardest of hearts and make it feel. The time is not far when research will prove, conclusively, that it can curb the mountains of adverse impacts of cancer too. Till that time comes around the advice is to get a Pet CT scan done regularly to detect cancer in its early stages and fight the condition before it creates havoc.

We end this writeup with advice for cancer patient caregivers. A tip for you is to invest in alkaline music. It is the type of music that best impacts cancer survivors and helps solve many side effects. A few categories that come within it are a harp, Brazilian guitar, east Indian and classical.Here you can check more about music therapy.

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