Why An IAS Aspirant Needs To Be Updated In Art & Culture?

How to Art and Culture Section in IAS ?

If you are an IAS aspirant aiming to crack the prestigious exams and become an IAS officer, then you must know the art and culture section as well. It is a vast topic, and hence you might need to devote more time and dedication to study it. It is always better to enroll in one of the Top IAS Academy near you so that they will guide you and help you to learn and understand the art and culture sections in detail. History, art and culture are important subjects that appear frequently in all the civil services exam papers. Proper reference and detailed study at IAS academies will help you learn these subject well. Musicians please refer the link:

Indian Art and Culture for UPSC PreparationHow to Prepare Arts and Culture for UPSC Exams ?

  • The base would be old NCERT Ancient and Medieval India. You can quickly get the answers to questions related to Bhakti movement or the Harappan Civilisation by studying these portions.
  • Get the NCERT Art and Heritage book. It is a great book, well written and enjoyable to read. It will not cover the whole syllabus. Still, it is beneficial.
  • Try getting the notes prepared by Nitin Singhania. All the topics are covered well in his notes.
  • For studying the visual arts section, you can make use of the documentaries and videos available on YouTube.

Indian Arts and Culture By IAS Knowledge

Improve Your Chances
Updated knowledge about arts and culture can improve your chances in the prestigious exams. The truth is that you cannot ensure a good score in the exam without having good knowledge of art and culture sections. For this, you can make use of spectrum’s Facets Of Indian Culture. Here is how it can be beneficial for an aspiring IAS candidate:

  • All the crucial cultural aspects in India is covered perfectly and that too in easy to understand the language in crisp and short descriptions.
  • This one is a well-researched and prepared source of information. Hence, it can be useful for anyone whoHow to prepare art & culture for UPSC Civil Services Prelims would love to know about the rich historical culture of India.
  • The book can be a great help for the main exam of civil service. But, it can be a great addition to prepare for the prelims too.
  • The book covers architecture and art sections completely. There is almost no topic or aspect left out.
  • There are separate chapters on drama and dance sections. Both are rich in information with perfect descriptions and crisp details. It is presented in a systematic way that makes reading, understanding and learning easier.
  • There is a chapter on philosophy and religion. The topics are covered well though the philosophy part is a bit behind. Some more details can make it a perfect read.
  • A detailed chapter on literature and language helps the aspiring students to learn and understand the topics well.
  • The history of all the Indian languages and also the interesting works produced in each language can make an interesting read.

The only defect one can ever point out in this book would be the absence of illustrations. It could have helped in improving the visual appeal of the book. Nevertheless, the descriptive details make the book a worthwhile addition that can help you score well in the upcoming UPSC exams.


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