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Image of A Girl Taken Head Massage in Luxurious Massage Center
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Why Do Spa Centres Play Music – Do They Have Healing Effect?

Spa and Massage Therapy With Music At Its Core When you flip through the history book of music therapy, you realise that is has been studied off and on for decades. It has been tested on easing stress and relieving anxiety many, many times. Therefore, it is but apparent that music also used in spa […]

Music therapy helps kids and adults tune out cancer
Musical Benefits

Cancer Cure Through Alternative Music Therapy – Anderson Diagnostics

Anderson Diagnostics Explains The Value Of Music Therapy In Cancer Music connects us to our emotions. It also helps us disconnect with them. Rhythms also link people socially. So, it should be no surprise that music has been used as therapy for cancer patients, effectively, for donkey’s years. Its use as a therapeutic tool is […]

Choosing The Best Home Theatre System To Hear Best Music
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Choosing The Best Home Theatre System To Hear Best Music

A Leading Home Theatre System Company Offers Up Advice When you look at the magnificent home theatres available in the market these days, the heart just skips. You feel like buying the one that tempts you the most and be done with it. Or hand over all of your money for the most expensive one, […]


Why An IAS Aspirant Needs To Be Updated In Art & Culture?

How to Art and Culture Section in IAS ? If you are an IAS aspirant aiming to crack the prestigious exams and become an IAS officer, then you must know the art and culture section as well. It is a vast topic, and hence you might need to devote more time and dedication to study […]

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How Instrumental Music Can Soothe Your Nerves?

Singing creates music and thereby spreads happiness. Even people who are not trained professionals enjoy singing in their bathrooms and cars. Vocal music comprises of melodies adorned by lyrics which are usually performed by one or more singers. Music plays an important role in this type of genre. In vocal music, melodies are combined with […]

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The Benefits Of Choir Music

Whether the person is a professional singer or unskilled, old or young, when people come together to sing, it bring in happiness and joy. There are around 28,000 choirs that are conducted in schools, churches and communities all over the country. According to the research that was conducted by Advocacy Group of Choral Canada it […]

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Most Trending Music Bands

Listening to a good piece of music after a long tiring day, outcast and wash way the stress completely within us. Music provides us relaxation, recreation and happiness. Various independent artists and troop bands relating to music are now evolving widely and have gained recognition and fame across the globe. The most common feature which […]

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Some Interesting Facts You Want To Know About Music Band

Music buffs crave for inside information on how their favorite stars are in real life. They always look for strange facts on their most desired music band, how they prepare before the concert and react to the audience response after the concert. Here is a compilation of some of the facts that can showcase your […]


Professional Event Planners Plan The Launch Of Sound Studio

Good Medicine Blue Music Band started off on a musical note by throwing open to the public their new music studio. The grand opening saw the presence of noted artists and music stalwarts share space at the event. Prominent artists Miley Cyrus and “Shape Of You” singer Ed Sheeran, were among the several music artists […]

Musical Shows

Musical Extravaganza And An Ode To Music

It is often said that when words fail, music speaks. The recently concluded musical concert by Good Medicine Music was the talk of the town. The theme ‘Celebrating Music’ was in perfect sync with the outfit of the models and the background score that resonated in the air. The event started off with a devotional […]