About Us

Good Medicine Music was created with a single goal – to provide all knowledge related to music to listeners, singers, budding musicians, producers, managers and band. With time, the objective expanded and included other aspects into its fold. Yet, our fundamental aim to bring beauty into this world with music remained the same. Through this site we hope to:
• Offer streaming links so that you can listen to sound and music samples
• Talk about all the classic albums and songs
• Give an honest review of all upcoming singles and records created by rappers, singers, bands and all other musicians
• Pick the best songs out of an artist’s discography or new album based on popular view and recommend them to you
• Provide new music recommendation based on your preferences
In a gist, Good Medicine Music is all about in-depth knowledge of songs, album and musicians to make your world brighter. From time to time, we would bring in experts from various fields of music to present their thoughts and ideas on new releases.
This site is not just dedicated to helping listeners; we also want to be useful to budding artists and musicians who want to keep a finger on the pulse of the music world. To this end, we leave no stone unturned. We give you information about songwriting, song producing, marketing, creating a studio, video making and so much more. A one-stop shop for music is what we hope to build for the future.