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Musical Facts

Scientific facts about music

It is well known that music is beneficial in various ways. Some of the scientific facts and researches support music are as follows:

Unborn babies listen and react to music

Some scientist surgically attached microphone into the womb of pregnant women and measured two things: when music is played outside the womb, it was heard inside and it affected the heart rate of the fetus. Though the fetus enjoyed the music or not, the music is heard to the fetus.

Listening to music boosts immunity and decreases anxiet

Several proofs have shown that enjoyable music boosts the adult’s immune systems and reduces anxiety.

Heavy metal fans and classical music fans are alike

Psychological information was collected all over the world from heavy metal fans and classical fans in 2008. There were some relationships between the two crowds. They are both confidently self-assured, extremely gentle, and highly creative.

music factsNonmusicians hear music only on dreams

Studies have found that 40% of musicians overhear music during their sleep. When it comes to non-musicians only 18% can overhear music.

Music of your parents is good than yours

Most people blame their parent’s choice of music is sucking. But as per studies, when you analyze the pop music year after year, it displayed a slow reduction in the number of moods, topics, vocabulary, changes, keys, chords and notes. The industry giants have understood that music like an impulse reacting and generic as possible. It helps in making them cash quickly and more often.

Pop music is predictable
Mathematicians studied pop music in a laboratory. They tried to popularize it and tried to find whether it has a computer algorithm. As a result, computers can write pop music just equal to the songwriters in the industry. They can add elements and enhance the features for it so as to make it as next hit album.

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