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Important information about Music and its effects on the brain

The brain has the capacity to function in ways which we cannot understand. In several studies, the researchers have seen how certain normal things such as music effect and change it completely. We have explained some interesting facts about music on this blog.

The chills received while listening to the song is caused by the brain.

The brain releases dopamine when reaching the ultimate moment of the song. Dopamine is also called a feel-good chemical. The chemical is involved in addiction and motivation.

Few of our activities utilize the complete brain, music is one among them.

With FMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) a research group recorded a team of persons who were attending to music. The researchers found that when they listen to music, it works on the auditory areas. It occupies large scale neural systems in the brain. They also believe that music can activate motor, emotional and creative parts of the brain.

musicThe brain responds to music and food in the same way

The chemical Dopamine unconstrained by the brain is an association with the sense of euphoria. It is connected with sex, addiction and also eating. This chemical helps the person to experience the feelings of such things. Instrumental music has the ability to enhance the same type of reaction in the brain like getting ahead to taste the food.

Playing music on a regular basis can alter the structure of your brain

The plasticity of the brain is the ability of the ability to alter throughout life. Alterations connected with learning take place mostly at the associations between neurons. While researching the musicians, professional musicians have the highest cortex volume. It was in intermediate in unskillful musicians and least in non-musicians.

An emotional attachment could also be a reason for favorite song option

It has proved that long-lasting favorite songs are mainly because of emotional connection to the memory linked with the song.

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