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Musical Facts

Crazy Facts About Music That Would Amaze You

Music is something magical, and it can create specific positive effects in your life. It is the best entertainment that offers a soothing effect. There are several exciting and crazy facts about music that you must know. The following crazy facts on music would make you feel surprised for sure.

Importance Of Music

It is said that listening to music or taking up music classes can help in improving your brain function. It offers entertainment to people of all ages. It is a great way to reduce your anxiety and get rid of depression.

Crazy Facts On Music

The following are some of the crazy facts on music.

facts about musicLeo Fender, a genius invented some legendary electric guitars. Some of his famous guitar models include Stratocaster, Telecaster. These guitar models were used by famous guitarists from all over the world. It is a surprising fact to know the Leo Fender never knew to play guitar.
The heavy metal band created an official Guinness record. The Jackhammer was able to create a noise of nearly 120 dB, and the special amplifiers created a sound of about 139dB.
Barry Manilow was awarded the Grammy award for the song I Write The Songs. The irony is that this song was not written by Manilow.
It is crazy to know that when you listen to loud music, you drink fast. When listening to loud music, it is possible to drink a cup of beer in 12 minutes, which is less compared to 15 minutes when listening to soft music.
The longest national anthem is owned by the country of Greece, which is nearly 159 verses.
Music can make your heartbeat to adapt based on the rhythm of the music.
The above are some of the crazy facts about music that you must know.

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