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Relaxing Through Musical Magic

Music is a mysterious and inexplicable force that somehow through its wizardry, affects our brains, emotions, and bodies. There are many cases where one has witnessed its magic by aiding the children to learn, bringing dementia patients into a unified state and many more cases. But do you know the reason behind this wizardry? Well, then read on.

Brain Reacts to Music

It is true that Music is magical, but not in mirrors, chants, and smoke. There is a scientific reason behind the mysterious healing power. Music is a mixture of many elements like tempo, pitch, and dynamics. It affects our brain in different ways through the slow, fast or loud music. But when these elements join together and form a strong force, it impacts changes in behavior and physiology. The music has been on experimentation for many years and it still remains a mystery. But there is one thing that is for sure and that is, it activates our entire brain by just lending an ear to the music and also creates possibilities to improve the way we feel, behave and think.

musicDoes Music Therapy Really Work?

The main aim of Music Therapists is to work with individuals of different ages and assist them in processing difficult experiences, communication and improve their cognitive and motor functioning. A Music Therapy is a session of collaborative music-making an experience where they use the voice or the musical instrument in an experimental manner or designed for specific personalized experience by the therapists.

It has been proved that Music Therapy has profound effects on the patients and also has helped many people in pain. It not only soothes physical pain but also one suffering from depression and other mental health problems. Music has a deep impact on any individual regardless of their age. Hence, never underestimate the power of Music Therapy.

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