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Listening to a good piece of music after a long tiring day, outcast and wash way the stress completely within us. Music provides us relaxation, recreation and happiness. Various independent artists and troop bands relating to music are now evolving widely and have gained recognition and fame across the globe. The most common feature which makes all musicians famous is their innovative music with an ounce of traditional touch. There are people who love and go crazy for the musicians. People have developed to become diehard fans of their favorite superstars. Ranging from the pioneer Bob Marley to today’s Justin Bieber, there are numerous musicians who rule the hearts of millions all over the world with their music. Listed below, are some famous musicians till date.

  •         The Comback Of Justin Timberlake:

Timberlake is likely to have performed live on February this year at the super bowl in Minneapolis. He was planned to render a musical performance from his first album “Man of the woods”. The producer of his new release, Timbaland recently addressed “Rolling stone” about the album and mentioned that the music of it will definitely take Timberlake to a completely new platform. Justin nearing his 40’s, still remains to be a world class musician who rose to fame with his album “Can’t stop the feeling” which was rated to be number 1 of all releases in 2016. Another person who has heard and witnessed the musical experience of his new album has quoted that Justin’s new venture will push down all boundaries and will be a huge musical hit. Chris Stapleton, another famous country star, has also worked in this album. Sources claim that Justin will be heading on an arena tour later this year.

  •         The Next Gen Boy Band:

The “One Direction” boys’ band drew people crazy for their music and impressive voices. The boys in the band became and our currently the heartthrobs of many young women out there. Owing to their unfortunate split in 2016, many bands rose to power but there was one special troop which sustained and became famous to replace the old Boyz II Men troop. Simon Cowell organized this band initially which comprised of Lorde, Khalid and three more musicians.  One direction’s producer, Savan Kotecha sponsored this band as well. The band is said to plan a fully charged musical world tour this year. The Co-Manager for this team Randy Phillips praised that the band is talented and will outshine beyond horizons.

  •         The “Despacito” Fever In 2017:

Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee released the most dominated musical number “Despacito” of the year 2017 which ruled the number 1 position like a boss for a consecutive 16 weeks time period. This created a completely different perception on Spanish musical numbers and proved that they always worked at their bests. As a result of this, big companies have started investing enormously on Spanish musicians and albums. In addition to its huge response from the audience, the “Despacito remix” featured the budding superstar Justin Bieber. Many big shots in the musical industry believe that these numbers may compete well with the already established genres like hip-hop, country and rock.

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