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Musical Facts

Some interesting music facts you should know

The life span of musicians is shorter than the general people

A study has determined that the lifespan of musicians is 25 years lesser than the normal popular. The study was specifically focused on accidental deaths, homicides, proportion of suicides and longevity. When the longevity of the musicians was compared with the general US popular, the result was interesting- their lifespan seems to be 25 years less than the general public.

Group singing boosts mood

Several studies were conducted which confirmed singing along with a group offers numerous emotional and physical benefits. Moreover, researchers have found singing is soothing. It increases one’s mood and spirit. When you are singing in a group, the body discharges feel-good hormones such as oxytocin. It reduces stress-causing hormones such as cortisol.

No emotion while listening to music

A study was organized at the University of Barcelona. 5% of participants did not experience any emotion- they did not tap their feet or feel any chills while listening to music. They were completely normal in regular ways. They did not show any other psychological issues. There were healthy and happy college students who did not prefer to listen to any specific music.

Music improves physical performance

Music with tiresome exercise offers improved physical performance. If you are a person who has the habit of spending long hours in workouts and exercises, you need to start practicing along with the music. It helps you to train longer and more efficiently. Music offers temporal cues which have the capacity to make complete utilization of physical energy.

Music affects your opinion of the world/strong>

A study was organized at Netherlands – University of Groningen. It proved music has a more important effect on perception. The participants were requested to attend the music and recognize consistent smiley faces. They were able to match the face with music more accurately.

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