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Some Interesting Facts You Want To Know About Music Band

Music buffs crave for inside information on how their favorite stars are in real life. They always look for strange facts on their most desired music band, how they prepare before the concert and react to the audience response after the concert. Here is a compilation of some of the facts that can showcase your stars in a different light.

Did you know these strange facts?

  •         Hatebeak is a metal band true to its name, its main singer is an African Grey Parrot.
  •         Just to fulfill the wish of his daughters, George Lucas called upon N Sync to give a guest appearance in Start War – Attack of the Clones – Episode II. The scene was later removed from the film version.
  •         Popular American Rock Band, “The Postal Service’ was accused of trademark infringement by the United States Postal Service but later the band was allowed to use the name in return for a free show on USPS’ national conference.
  •         The photo of a girl published on the cover of Contra album of Vampire Weekend left the band in trouble, as the girl sued the band for illegally using her 26 year old photo which came to her knowledge when her daughter brought the copy home.
  •         Sabaton, a Swedish Speed Metal Band gave a new dimension to teaching history. They devoted an album exclusively for World War 2.
  •         A Band called Creed did a flop show at Allstate Arena located in Illinois in the year 2002. The band was sued for $2,000,000 on behalf of the fans.
  •         Lead singer of Sigur Ros, Jonsi forget the lines during a performance in France, and he started to sing in Icelandic, “h sh*t, I forgot the lyrics, but that’s o.k. because I’m in France where no one understands me.”
  •         Slash auditioned for Poison before joining Guns N’Roses but decided against the former when questioned about makeup.

  •         Beatles had in their American concert contract that they will never perform to isolated audiences.
  •         Once John Lennon was questioned on Ringo Starr being the top drummer in the world and he immediately said that he wasn’t the best even in Beatles.
  •         When Dave Grohl was playing his guitar backstage, Pat Smear and Kurt Cobain happened to hear and commented that they are not the best in Nirvana either.
  •         When Hetfield’s mom died of cancer, saying no to treatment believing in faith, the band came up with, “The God That Failed”.
  •         U2 was exempted from tax till 2006, as Ireland had tax exemption for artists. But when the cap was at $315,000, the band decided to shift its accounts to Netherlands, for the fear of facing huge tax bill.
  •         During the bus ride Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Cliff Burton picked lots to decide on picking the bunk bed. Burton won with Ace and occupied the bunk, when the bus crash threw him out of the window and killed him on the spot.
  •         ABBA was called upon by Disney to compose music for Lion King, since they were not able Elton John was given the task.

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